I am a lover of uncontained and immortal beauty. In the wilderness, I find something more dear and connate…

Ralph Waldo Emerson, Poet, Essayist and Lecturer, Led Transcendentalism

There is an unspoken dimension of what it is to be human that we all experience but rarely articulate in conventional society. Only through a really good novel, a stirring piece of artistry, a heartfelt soundtrack or the occasional deep-seated performance do we seem to have full access to another’s truth. I have found this a difficult interface in my work as an artist.

I have created this platform as an accretion of journals where I reminisce my littleĀ escapades into the wild, and divulge all the characters that live in my psyche. I wish to fear not judgement, this is my truth, whether or not it be yours too… Under my pen name “Dutch Liquorice” I freely share all the adventures I’ve taken in my youth with Milo, a ‘real’ imaginary friend. Here I distribute new discoveries in nurturing a conscious perspective on this puzzling, wonderous reality, and simple truths in living NAKED.

To our inner critics who declares egocentricity in this gentle act of broadcasing… you are faultless. But I ask, what else do we have to experience this happening, this universe, if not with our own selves? To streghten a community into self-sustaining systems of interdepence asks individuals to take the first courageous step to be NAKED, all-revealing in our grace.

Without further ado, let us, with proper grace, fuck the niceties and politely-placed social decor so I can kick down this block of how much we can reveal…

Additionally, I intend to deepen my observation and appreciation for humanity’s place on Earth. “My Naked Conscience” allows me to share what I have uncovered living in household of concious people who feed and live in aligment with the land. We explore ways to live a rich yet humble life whilst minimising costs to other beings, people and the planet. Please if you will, come along for the ride.

Do note: I do not yet know how to drive… Xx, Dutch Liquorice